H A Y D E N  












This web site affords the opportunity to compile a register of the current status of all Hayden Darts for enthusiasts to peruse and  share information and history. We are also on Facebook.

If you own one of these lovely cars, send in your information which will be displayed on our register page. Provide initials, surname,  e-mail address, phone number, the car's chassis number, colour and the name of the person who assembled it, assembly date, engine size and then any history of the car. If you wish to exclude any personal information, except  your surname, feel free to do so.
Indicate if you would prefer that your e-mail address is not displayed on the register. E mail this info to roydart@gmail.com


This site is not for the formation of a Hayden Dart Club. However, you may wish to go to the GSM Dart Club's Facebook page  and join the GSM Car club with Peanuts Fouche's blessing.